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What is Teeth Whitening?

It is a bleaching process designed specifically to lighten discolouration in your natural teeth. A custom made tray with a bleaching gel is worn for 1 to 2 hours per day for an average of 10 days. The gel is usually either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide of varying strengths. Please note that the effect is not permanent, in order to keep your teeth looking their best ensure you have the bleaching topped up once a year.

Helpful Teeth Whitening Advice

  • Fillings, crowns and false do not whiten, so be sure to seek advice from your dentist.
  • Before you start your whitening treatments, a full check-up and cleaning is advised.
  • The full effect of the whitening usually appears 2 weeks after the treatment.
  • The majority of dentists recommend a take home kit with lower strength bleach as the most successful and safest treatment in the long run.
  • Bleaching treatments that are carried out unsupervised by professionals or dispensed by unqualified persons can be dangerous and may cause permanent damage to your teeth.
  • Store bought products have little to no whitening effect.

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